A Laid Back Picnic Experience with No Cleanup

We deliver everything you need to the best parks in Houston.
Baskets always include a blanket, utensils, and fresh food.

About A Bayou City Picnic

There is nothing more fun, comforting and nostalgic than having a classic summertime picnic. Taking advantage of Texas' long summers, the amazing public parks Houston has to offer and the need to social distance, A Bayou City Picnic was born.


Two people on a casual picnic date with a classic red and white blanket.

Created during COVID, 3 friends wanted to create a safe experience for friends and family where we could meet, enjoy conversation and maybe even have a little romance.

We wanted to make sure our picnics have a smaller green footprint so we use all reusable items, including cloth napkins, china, reusable cups and we custom pick locally sourced goods. Enjoy hyper local honey from Bee2Bee, cheese from local markets and Texas wine.

We know planning a picnic, creating the food and driving around town to find all the items can be stressful! So we wanted to take care of everything for you. Hopefully you will love the convenience of letting us create this simple experience for you as much as we loved creating it.